LORA 100MW Wireless Transceiver Module
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UHF RFID READER Wireless Video Data Radio Modem Wireless Remote Controller RF Module
  UHF RFID Reader is characterized as non-directional limit, perpetual usage, high durability, long lifetime, high security and not easily conditioned in certain environments, apply in many application.  
  Utilizes RF technology receiving audio and video from Wireless Cameras. Completely digitalized and high interference resistance.  
  Wireless RF Modem, the most indispensable modem for transmitting data by several frequencies, stable, high power in transmission distance.  
  Our wireless controller provides simple wireless solutions for control, automation and telemetry in a wide variety of industrial applications.  
  We provide the solution to make you product wirelessly by using our RF module. We produce many kinds of module in many frequencies which can fit with your product requirement directly.  
On-Site Paging System Wireless_Audio_Transceiver Meter 5mark Wireless Mouse GPS Antennas
  Our paging system will make you easy to respond the request or call of guest and help your service quality of business to be improved.  
  There are many kinds of products for the wireless audio series; they come with AUX/USB Bluetooth receivers, 868MHz wireless audio transceivers.  
  The best receiver module testing equipment, adjust the module is simple, suitable for production line testing, the product must test the production of high-frequency instrument.  
  Wenshing is interested in being your top ODM partner in the global RF market! We provide our own products also do ODM/OEM for customer. As your best choice, WENSHING is always orientated to quality.  
  We provide you several kinds of frequencies highly efficient antenna for receiving your device transmission data, increasing the RF power more easily and strength the signal for distance limited.  
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