Remote wireless network controller


The Wi-Fi Controller product is to use wireless Wi-Fi module communication technology to connect electrical equipment, through the wireless Wi-Fi technology to realize wireless control in computer or mobile device side, not limited by space, enjoy wireless technology of ultra high quality and convenience to the user, to realize the creative life. The product is in use on the premise of general equipment for design, manufacturing, do not use for equipment use high security requirements, such as medical machine materials, aerospace equipment, transportation related equipment, and life safety directly or indirectly related system etc..

Remote wireless network controller

System linking Chart

Indication Position Item Description
1 AC/DC INPUT Outer Power Input
2 RS232 RS232 (TTL)
3 RS485 RS485 (CMOS)
4 Antenna Antenna input position
5 Settings Button Within the parameters of Laws
6 Track Put into the alum. Track position.
System linking Chart


  • Frequency : 868~928MHz
  • Distance : 150M (Straight-line distance under open space)
  • Number of Channels : 4800
  • Consumption Current : 55mA


  • For half-duplex wireless RF transceiver product
  • RS232 or RS485 communication, standard serial interface for wireless data transmission
  • 1 on 1 and 1 on the multi-mode transmission


  • Data transmission function also to be small network
  • Long-distance control function and data surveillance
  • Control the industry equipment in long distance
  • Auto-set and react the distance
  • Door control-system distinguishing

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