Wireless Remote Controller Door


WS-WROP Touch pad remote control system is a newest RFID technology design which can aromatically open door. User just need install WS-WROP on any side of glasses door, both side can achieve the function of touch sensors to open the door.

Compare with traditional auto-door, WS-WROP is more well appearance, also save one transmitter cost for user. WS-WROP is very light and only 0.65cm so it is very easy to install. There is switch inside WS-WROP and taking sophisticated design for wireless transmitter signal transmission. Total are 255 groups of password for your setting so that you can increase better safe degree.

Wireless Remote Controller Door


CS-732 Wireless Remote Controller Electric Lock is the best for auto door open/door off. It is using RF UHF design. There are two relay modes in host for user to set various setting, use switch dip can set mode or code easily, it´s very convenience. Power supply provides DC 12V/24V or AC 12V. You can select one key remote controller (TX-F01), two keys remote controller (TX-F02) or four keys remote controllers to collocate with every mode in host.


  • Stand-by for a long time and low power consumption.
  • Using touch-sensitive and double-sided way to open the door to detect.
  • 255 switch group passwords can be set.
  • Device is very small and can be used to switch doors narrower place.

Electronics Characteristic

Item Specification Remark
WS-WROP Touch Pad Remote Control System
Power CR-2032 Lithium battery
Frequency 371.5MHz / 433.92MHz
Transmit Distance Open space ≥20M
Password 255 group
Available Dimes 216,000
The longest Standby Time Over 7 months
Action Temperature -10℃ ~+70℃
Storage Temperature -40℃ ~+60℃
Relative Humidity ≤60%
CS-732 Receiver Host
Power 12V or 24V AC/DC Assigned before shipment
Frequency 371.5MHz / 433.92MHz
Action Temperature -10℃ ~+70℃
Storage Temperature -40℃ ~+85℃

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