Wireless Audio Transceiver


The products is contained with a set of receiver and transmitter, the receiver install to the speaker and transmitter to Home Theater, CD Player, Hi-Fi or any Audio device which can be performed the wireless communication to the range 130 meters.The benefits to having wireless stereo are fully satisfied. Add more sound to become stereo effect without the wire between speakers at your living room entertainment system. You can use one set of product or one of transmitter can collocate to multiple receivers, to become a shaking stereo sound effect. Best of all youll save cost by not having to buy a stereo for every room of the house. Any brand and type of audio equipment can use "Wireless Magic Timbre" which can connect with any brand and type of amplifier. For example, Home Theater, Hi-Fi, CD Player, MD, PC, TV......etc.
It is suitable for wide range application, very easy to use. It can be one to multiple, one of transmitter can collocate to multiple receivers, to become a shaking stereo sound effects, which can be building up a small broadcasting system. Easy to set up, now all you have to do is plug the transmitter into your stereo or television and plug the receiver into your speaker. Apply for VR modulation frequency, save money for your preference.


"Wireless Magic Timbre" is newly products of high technology for wireless communication, it can be applied wireless connection between audio & speaker, high speed transmission, completely retain the original voice, no need the driver, the "Listen in" can solve the complex linking condition for Hi-Fi audio.

"Wireless Magic Timbre" to equip with left and right side of sound output with a switcher, which have two channels for selection and buzz prevented function. Two kind of wiring design : stereo and speaker wire. It can let you enjoy the convenient and pleasures of wireless Hi-Fi audio world.


  • Self-regulating volume, when imput volume to transmitter (ALC).
  • Auto-RF power off, when the receiver have no signal, and auto enter sleeping type.
  • PLL, Bandwidth lock, 2 Channel.
  • Receiver - Low working power (2V).
  • Receiver AFC.
  • Stereo phony.
  • Stereo output indicated.
  • RT field intensity output indicated ( Output signal - LO ).
  • Apply for VR Modulation frequency, low cost for your preference.
  • Receiving frequency use VR modulate the frequency, low cost for composation,which are able to conect with simple circuit for auto-searching frequency.
  • Transmitter - High Power (>6dbm).
  • Frequency : 863MHz, 916MHz, 2.4GHz.

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