2.4G Wireless Digital AV Sender Transceiver

Model:WS-AV Sender RX/ WS-AV Sender TX

This product line adopts wireless radio frequency technology to transmit audio and video signals. The signal is pure digital and has strong anti-interference capability. It uses digital encryption technology so the security is extremely high. It can transmit high quality audio and video signals wirelessly from any player with AV output, such as CATV box, DVD, VCD, DVR, security monitoring system, personal computer, digital TV set top box, multimedia game console, multimedia set top box, ...., etc.; therefore, it is easy to achieve high-quality, wireless, digital, video and audio environment.
The transmission distance of this product line is ultra-long. The straight open distance can reach up to 500 m. It adopts wireless frequency hopping technology so it can minimize interference from the surrounding environment factors to ensure the quality and speed of the audio and video transmission. The image and sound signal is live, without distortion, high quality, clear and natural. The fastest transmission speed can reach up to 25 (720x480) images per second.
The 2.4GHz working frequency does not interfere with today´s phones or wireless internet routers, making it an ideal solution for homes and industrial applications. Digital technology provides encrypted data to reach safe and reliable transmission. Images received through radio wave are vivid, sharper and stable, the color is flamboyant, and not to mention that sound is clear. Fully hardware is designed with modern metallic look. The installation and operation are simple and convenient. Plug and play, there is no software is required for installation.

Key Feature

  • 2.4GHz wirelessly transmission of audio and video; auto frequency hopping minimized interference.
  • Digital encrypted function ensures safety and reliability.
  • Synchronizing for both audio and video transmission
  • Long range transmission, up to 500 meters in line of sight.
  • Crystal clear video resolution with high frame-per-second rate.( Maximum 25 frames at D1 resolution ( 720 x 480 ))
  • Clear and stable signals that penetrate walls, doors, ceilings, and floors
  • Plug and play, easy set up requires no software.
  • Support video transmission of PAL/NTSC system.
  • High-gain antenna ensures stable signal transmission and reliability.
  • Avoid the wire mess while still maintaining a high level of audio fidelity.
  • Modern and metallic look.
  • Compatible with any sources with AV outputs including satellite receiver, CATV box, surveillance camera, VCD, DVD, DVR, CCD camera, IPTV, Personal computer, satellite STB, digital TV STB, Blue-ray players, Gaming console, HD network media player and other similar devices.

Transceiver SPEC

  • Video input connector:RCA
  • Audio input connector:RCA
  • Antenna connector:SMA
  • Consumption current:500mA
  • Power supply:5V 1A
  • Button:Pairing button

Receiver SPEC

  • Video output connector:RCA
  • Audio output connector:RCA
  • Antenna connector:SMA
  • Consumption current:500mA
  • Power supply:5V 1A
  • Button:Pairing button
  • LED Indicator:Power and connecting
  • Video output Resolution:Maximum 25 frames at D1 resolution ( 720 x 480 )
  • Video output Level:1±0.3V p-p 75 ohm
  • Latency:300ms normal

Other SPEC

  • Frequency:ISM 2400~2483MHz Hopping
  • Transmission power:Minimum 100mW
  • Modulation:GFSK
  • Maximum distance:Open space up to 1500ft
  • Image processor:MPEG4 encode/decode


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