Wireless Digital Video Recorder

Model:WS-Handheld AV Recorder

2.4GHz Wireless Digital Video Color LCD Recorder utilizes RF technology receiving audio and video from Wireless Cameras. Completely digitalized and high interference resistance. It is capable of achieving straight line of sight distance for up to 1.2Km and easy to setup. When paired with Wireless Digital Video Camera it is suitable for various applications. Wireless camera transmits the video signal wirelessly to a receiver in distance. Displaying fluent video and audio on the monitors; it is a simple solution for remote monitoring and wireless visual and vocal effects. Providing Instant continuous and distortion less signals of video and audio. High quality full-color screen display pictures in their naturally color.

Wireless Digital Security Camera (Night Vision)


2.4GHz Wireless Digital Camera uses RF technology transmitting visual and vocal signal to the receiver. Digitalized and super anti-interference. Having long distance and straight line distance is up to 1.2KM and easy to combine with Wireless Digital Video Camera for different usage. Wireless camera sends the video signal transmitting through wireless and receiving in a long distance. Showing on the monitors; thus, it´s easy to use on remote monitoring and enjoy visual and vocal effects. Instant signals of pictures and sounds with continuous and no distortion. Full-color screen with high quality shows real images and naturally color.

Monitoring application in the family

Low price system allows home video surveillance systems to become affordable and easy to implement, network communication technology, image compression technology and transmission technology, the rapid development of video monitoring equipment to allow civilian use of the latest communication and image processing, digital image transmission through the network, provide users with efficient and practical and inexpensive solution. By technical means will be home-based video surveillance, supported by high network traffic for stream compression technology, so that it can better adapt to household application.

Automotive, subway, public transportation, medical wireless video surveillance

Advantages of wireless remote monitoring

  • Low initial cost, wireless, simple installation, easy maintenance, and strong expansion capability.
  • Connecting for usage right away, and adding wireless remote monitoring into network that you already have. Do not require purchasing new network or other equipment.
  • Low maintaining fee. The network provider will be in charge of the maintaining of wireless remote monitoring. The front-end connects for usage right away and does not need maintaining system.
  • Sending instant information from different places through wireless communication to wireless remote monitoring and it will set visual data automatically for retrieval in the future.
  • Camera connects with wireless video transmitter and sending information signal to monitoring center through radio waves.


Using in different fields: (e.g. security, families, transportation, Industrial monitoring and so on.)

  • Hospitals, kindergartens ,schools
  • Intellectualized apartments, intellectualized communities
  • Factories and warehouses wireless monitoring systems
  • ATMs, bank tellers, supermarkets, factories
  • Power station, telecom Station
  • petroleum rig and exploration
  • Forests, water and rivers sources
  • Bridges, tunnels, and intersection traffic condition wireless monitoring systems

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