Multifunctional Magnifier


This product is designed for real-time monitoring purpose with high-resolution color TFT LCD screen to capture crystal-clear image. Simple operation along with easy installation brings great benefits for various occasions. The built-in rechargeable battery provides an eco-friendly and energy-saving solution.
Embedded night vision viewer enhances the high visibility during the night time. Unique magnet design allows users by only attaching to all doors equipped with peep holes to get rid of the hassle of installation.
Another fascinating feature is to serve as an electronic magnifier. It is in particular designed for engineers during soldering procedure. The optional soldering iron stand suits engineering´s need to view tiny components in magnification.

Product Feature

  • Peephole viewer Function

    Getting digitalized crystal-clear visitors image instead of the traditional peephole with small and blurry views. Extraordinary design with solid back-adhesive magnetic racket.

  • Magnifier Function

    Capturing and magnifying the image for easy reading, creature observing, tiny components repairing, it is a must-have device for poor eyesight individuals, beauty industry, intricate repairing, and appraisal for artworks.

  • Zoom in and out Function

    Supporting digitalized zooming in and out function, it is easy to operate by pressing a single button to get magnified view such as hair, skin or any object for comfortable reading.

  • Night Vision Function

    Embedded Infrared to automatically filling light under dark surroundings in order to capture sharp image, it helps to solve the problem in poor lighting work environments.

  • Soldering Function

    With the specially-designed bracket for highly intricate soldering procedure, it is adjustable to a desired position which not only suit engineers´ need but help to minimize potential harm of eyesight.

  • USB Charging Function

    Built-in 150mAh Lithium battery ensures the safety and rechargeable feature provides greatly cost-saving solution that traditional battery could not achieve. Simply connect any device with USB port to recharge the battery.


  • Display:2.4" color TFT LCD (320 x 240 pixels)
  • Resolution:320 x 240 @ 50fps maximum
  • Li-battery capacity: 180mAh
  • Temperature:Operates between 0 ~ 40 degree Celsius
  • Humidity:Operates 10%~80%; Storage 10%~80%


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