UHF RFID Industrial Reader


WENSHING Ultra-High Frequency Long-range Industrial Reader has high capacity of writing/reading. Able to connect with 4 antennas in primary standard, 40 antennas are allowed to connect in extra extend for no dead-spot but with higher reading ability and more applications. Detecting range reaches up to 35 meters which is the farthest distance among our peers with excellent performance in read and writes. Complies with ISO18000-6C (EPC GEN2), ISO18000-6A/B regulation.
It supports main-interfaces including Weigand 26/34, RS-485, RS-232 or RJ45 as well as second-interfaces including Bluetooth or Wi-Fi for option.
Variety in applications which ranges from parking lot management, vehicle access controlling, highway toll station, logistics in air-cargo transportation, library, warehousing, production process controlling, supermarket, access control and security system, medical management, chip implant for pet卐tc. Combine the wireless connection with your system.


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RFID Long-range industrial readerRFID Long-range industrial readerRFID Long-range industrial reader



Technical specifications

  • Working Frequency:902~928MHz
  • Protocol:EPC Class 1 Gen 2/ISO18000-6C/IS18000-6A/B
  • Antenna:4 antennas (40 antennas extendable)
  • RF Power:2W (33dBm)
  • Interface:RS-232/RS-485/Wiegand/Ethernet
  • Keyboard:4x4
  • Reading range:Able to reach 35 meter (depends on environment tag size or function)
  • Display:2.2"240x320 LCD Screen
  • Memory device:Micro SD (32G extendable )
  • Wi-Fi:IEEE802.11b/g
  • Working voltage:12V 1A~24V 500mA
  • Operating temperature:-10癈 to +60癈
  • Storage temperature:-10癈~+80癈
  • Humidity:20%~95%(non-condensing)
  • Size:160x160x55 mm

User can expand interface on themselve

  • If UHF RFID Industrial Reader need to exterior control or input control, its expansion port can connect to WS-485I8IO by RS-485 interface, able to expand with 8 input detection contact and 8 output control contact, and each control contact up to 30A, able to control lights or gate and other purposes.
UHF RFID Industrial Reader


  • Vehicle and parking lot automation management and security system
  • Fleet management for exit and entry controlling of leasing cars and buses
  • Warehousing and logistics management
  • Library management
  • Factory assembly line management
  • Assets tracking and inventory management at supermarkets
  • Marathon and cycling racing management
  • Security and tracking of confidential documents
  • Amusement park management
  • Jewelry management
  • Garment management
  • Medicare management
  • Access control management

Antenna (Antenna format is subject to actual shipment)


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