UHF RFID Elevator Control Reader


The UHF RFID Elevator Control Reader is used in the control of factories entrances, construction sites entrances, and vehicles management. With the abilities of data reading, filtering, transmitting, and connecting with the control system, it provides effective entrance control. The ability of automatic identification can be flexibly applied to the control of workers and vehicles passing. Workers ID can be efficiently identified by automatic identification system in a short time, and it will show light and sound in order to inform the workers immediately, and can greatly increase the level of safety. It can control the identity of visiting vehicle by building up an automatic identification gate. The passing vehicle will be recognized by RFID reader at the gate of entrance. The system can immediately and precisely confirm the identity of incoming vehicle and enhance the safety of parking lots.


  • Working Frequency:902~928MHz
  • Protocol:ISO18000-6B,ISO18000-6C(EPCGEN2)
  • Hopping:Broad-spectrum frequency hopping (FHSS) or fixed frequency set by software.
  • Reading modes:Timed automatic tags reading, external trigger reading or reading triggered/controlled by software. Reading modes can be adjusted.
  • Power:27dBm
  • Range:Distance adjustable. Ranging 0 to 3 meters.
  • Voltage:DC 12V
  • Reading time:Single Tag 64 bytes. Reading time < 6ms
  • Working temperature:-20癈~+80癈
  • Storage temperature:-30癈~+125癈
  • Humidity:20%~95%(non-condensing)
  • Size:102.75*48.4*20.9mm


rfid rfid rfid
  • Elevator Control application management
  • UHF RFID track time application

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