UHF RFID Reader Antenna Hub


UHF RFID Reader Antenna Hub is a very useful product. Reader/Writer can assign one antenna to ten antennas by this device, therefore greatly expanding the scope of reading and writing. Collaborative operation with WS-UHFRFIDANT4(an UHF RFID Reader) can simply expand reader sensing unit to 40 antennas. This product is more economic benefits and easier to deploy.

Technical specifications

  • Frequency:920~925MHz(China),902~928MHz(U.S.A)
  • Working voltage:9V~12V
  • Antenna Interface:10
  • RF Interface:SMA female
  • Operating temperature:-40癈 to +80癈
  • Storage temperature:20癈
  • Humidity:5%~95%

Working mode

  • This UHF RFID reader antenna distributor can be set to simultaneously read all or only one or more antennas. It also knows which antenna read which TAG respectively without using a control line to control the switch of the antenna.
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