Wireless Hi Power Radio Modem LORA
LoRa Wireless Hi Power Radio Modem


This wireless data transceiver works at frequency between 922MHz~928MHz(FCC)/432MHz~436MHz(CE). Ultra-high sensitivity achieves under -129dBm. Built-in both Bluetooth and RS485 output interfaces, allowing those facilities using Bluetooth and RS-485 interface to easily connect with PC and related equipment.
By adjusting the parameters from internal software, it enables to minimize potential interference occurring from close frequency and suits the need for various data communication. This product features wireless data transmission which offers the best solution to replacing wire/cord transmission as it is difficult to achieve long distance transmission.
The largest distance reaches around 3.3KM if a directional antenna works well with the transceiver. Relay transmission could be set to achieve data transmission remotely; the number of relay could reach maximum 10 stations aimed to achieve even longer distance.

Wiring Diagram

Wireless Hi Power Radio Modem


  • 922MHz~928MHz(FCC)/432MHz~436MHz(CE)
  • UHF Band Wireless Data Transceiver
  • RF Output Power:1.6W(915MHz)/0.6W(434MHz)
  • Distance:3.3KM
  • Sensitivity up to -129dBm (512bps) under
  • Bluetooth/RS485 Interface
  • Working voltage:DC 12V/500mA


  • Wireless Network
  • Multi-Channel Home Automation Standard
  • Wireless Bluetooth/RS485
  • Active RFID Base Station Transceiver


Parameter Min Type Max Unit Condition
Operating Condition
Operating Temperature Range -10 +70
Operating Supply Voltage 9 12 18 V
Current Consumption
RX Mode 500 mA DC12V
TX Mode (RD232HI0.5W) 500 mA DC 12V Peak
TX Mode(RD232HI2W) 500 mA DC 12V Peak
RF Characteristic
Frequency Range 432/902 434/915 436/928 MHz
TX Output Power(RD232HI0.5W) 18   dBm
TX Output Power(RD232HI2W) 32   dBm
Modulation GFSK

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