Electric Characteristic

Item Specification Remark
Voltage Range AC:9~30V ; DC:8V~28V
Frequency Range 868~928MHz
Output Power 10mW
Antenna 1/4λ wire antenna Gain of 2.14 dBi or less
Antenna Power Within 8 +20% -50% Contact (50 Ω)
Modulation System Binary FSK
Oscillation System PLL synthesizer system
Radio Communication Speed 1200~250K bps
Number of Channels 4800 Channel span 12.5 KHz
Receiver Sensitivity -112 dBm (1200 bps) Packet error rate 1%
(253 bytes/1 packet)
Working Temperature -10℃ ~+70℃
Storage Temperature -30℃ ~+95℃
Consumption Current 31mA I/O Port Open
5mA I/O Port Close
Sleep mode
(Operating Voltage 15V)
Consumption Current 51mA I/O Port Open
25mA I/O Port Close
Standby mode
(Operating Voltage 15V)
Consumption Current 55mA RF Operating mode
(Operating Voltage 15V)
Unit Weight 140g
Interface RS232/485

UART Interface Specifications

Item Specification
Communication Method Serial communication (RS232C format)
Synchronization Start-stop (asynchronous)
Data Speed 1.2K/2.4K/4.8K/9.6K /19.2K/38.4K/56K/115.2K bps
Other Parameters Data length 8 bits, no parity, stop bits 1 or 2

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RS232/RS485 Wireless RF Modem Controller System