RS232/RS485 Wireless RF Modem Controller System


RD-485 is a half-duplex wireless data transmission product. It only needs interface applications which can support man-machine and internal RS485 or RS232 communication, and then it can be through the serial interface standard for wireless data transmission.

Block Diagram of the Function

Figure 1 RD-485 function block diagram

RD-485 sets a complete circuit and RF transceiver interface, Figure 1 is for the RD-485 features diagram. The main components include: MCU processor, RF circuits, memory, power and system connector. It can be an external antenna. Besides, the system connector can connect an external power supply, serial interface, RS485 interface.

In Figure 1, red box for the RD-485 within the various components of the motherboard, but the red line is for the external interface. RD-485 motherboard completed a wireless data WENSHING Electronics Co., Ltd. RD-485 Instruction Manual Page 5/18 V1.3 transmission of all the features, including RF norms and RF data encryption, such as radio frequency calibration instructions. There is also: RS232 interface and RS485 interface, LED indicator light. And followings will be briefed on the motherboard and external interfaces, and other parts of the function.

Feature Brief

  • A. MCU processor :
    MCU processor is to complete all the RD-485 signal processing functions, including information on the RF transceiver, LED light's instructions, the key judgment, RS232/RS485 data processing.
  • B. RF Circuit:
    Radio frequency circuit is to provide a 868 ~ 928 MHz transceiver channels, including the reception circuit, firing circuit, Synthesis circuit.
  • C. Memory :
    Main memory used is to store the current operating frequency and RF transmission rate.
  • D. Circuit of the power :
    It can be AC or DC input.

System linking Chart

Indication Position Item Description
1 AC/DC INPUT Outer Power Input
2 RS232 RS232 (TTL)
3 RS485 RS485 (CMOS)
4 Antenna Antenna input position
5 Settings Button Within the parameters of Laws
6 Track Put into the alum. Track position.
System linking Chart


  • For half-duplex wireless RF transceiver product
  • RS232 or RS485 communication, standard serial interface for wireless data transmission
  • 1 on 1 and 1 on the multi-mode transmission


  • Data transmission function also to be small network
  • Long-distance control function and data surveillance
  • Control the industry equipment in long distance
  • Auto-set and react the distance
  • Door control-system distinguishing


  • Frequency : 868~928MHz
  • Distance : 150M (Straight-line distance under open space)
  • Number of Channels : 4800
  • Consumption Current : 55mA

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