900MHz Alphanumeric Pagers


WS-MRDD 3C message receive device used the newest RF power save technology. It is very small and light also can let user type what they want and send whole message out without through calling base. Through WSUSBHPA1B41 Wireless USB High Power Transceiver, you can send whole messages to another one during receivable range; it is convenience and saving much time.
This product can show figures, English message, called status and vibration and voice call to remind user. It is widely applications, such as factory, hospital, school and etc. Battery is using LIR2025 which is very light and rechargeable, also easy to change battery. It is convenient to call for search and send message in time.


  • Using newest RF digital technology design
  • Don´t need through call base and user can send message directly
  • Largest power output of host can up to 2W (optional)
  • Distance: 2Km(farthest)
  • Smallest message receive device
  • Short and thin
  • Figures showing
  • Message can be display in English
  • Vibration remind
  • Voice call to remind


  • Restaurant
  • Hospital
  • Bank and financial center
  • Post
  • Lands office
  • Household registration office
  • Tourist ticket center


  • Frequency : 925~928MHz
  • Distance: collocate with wireless USB transmitted with high power, it can reach over 2KM(farthest)

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