Question 1: 
Is it able to use wireless headset? As wearing the ear-piece for whole day is quite painful?
Yes, we can do this but this needs to open a new project .
Question 2: 
Signal coverage is short, some areas in my retail store cannot hear ?
For now, the distance for voice function is not too long. (it is around 5M. ), but we will try to improve this in the future.
Question 3: 
For WS-HOST & WS-DIAL, they work fine, but to our astonishment was when we synchronize them, they reproduce a strange annoying noise. When the synchronization is between HOST >> DIAL the noise on the last is unacceptable, if you touch the HOST antenna`s ground noise change and decrease a little but is continuously. When the synchronization is between DIAL >> DIAL the noise is acceptable but do not meet our expectations. Do you know if it is normal? Note: The noise is the same if we put all the DIAL`s on the same channel (0001) or if we put a separate channel for each one (0001, 0002, 0003) All the batteries all fully charged WS-HOST is disconnected from the AC Line on tests.
Would you please kindly connect our device to your PC for recording those noises so that we just can compare and find which device might has problem. If we test for you, we might not find the same question which you mentioned. It is better if you can record whole test process by video and record those noises by your computer.

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