Queue Service Host


Waiting is a trouble for everyone. This product will let your waiting be more efficient. Unique design let user can bring host to everywhere and don´t need to care about the place you stay. Furthest distance can be up to 1Km and sub-machine can receive the signals from host and easy to bring, new and beautiful appearance.
It is powerful, wide of uses. For customer´s waiting , service person can talk with each other and provide some services to meet customers´ need in time; for collection of travel by name, it can group talk also can be radio talking between the leader and members of groups to let you handle whole situations easily.


  • Farthest distance: 1KM( Host to sub-machine)
  • A host can use with up to 999 sub-machines at the same time
  • For customer´s waiting, it can two-way-speaking between the service person
  • For collocation of travel group by name, it can two-way-speaking between different group
  • Host can set the length of the effective distance
  • Small device
  • You can depend on your need to open or close voice function
  • Timing alerts
  • Channel setting
  • Sub-machine ID setting
  • Light and vibration alerts
  • Power shortage alerts
  • Sub-machine charging indicator light function


  • Restaurant
  • Tour group or groups call
  • Banking and financial business center
  • Telecommunications center
  • Rail, highway services and the office of the ticket booth
  • Postal center
  • Tax services unit, and other organs hall
  • Hospital waiting room, receive drug window
  • The playground recreational facilities
  • Ticket tourist attractions center


  • Frequency : 925~928MHz
  • Channel: 10
  • Longest standby time: sub-machine is over 500H (Longest)
  • Distance(Straight-line under open space) : 1KM(host to sub-machine),100M(sub-machine to sub-machine)

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