900MHz Wireless Two Way Voice Pagers Walkie-talkie


Dialogue device is wireless two-way voice transmission products and it takes 925~928MHz. Mainly provide wireless two-way voice transmission and includes a complete RF and audio circuits, particularly suitable for short-range two-way conversation, health and walkie-talkie service, call systems, the use of a wide range.

Built-in 3.5 mm standard audio hole, as long as the headset insertion and machine will automatically detect and switch to the voice calling feature. It has three modes as followings:

  • One-on-one: the two sides can conduct two-way conversation.
  • One-to-many: group for this device of broadcasting function, it may join the call. Groups of the remaining aircraft will remain unchanged devices to listen to the state, until one side to withdraw from the call, before entering the mode of two-way conversation.
  • If machine is not plugged headset, you can switch through the built-in shock, reminded users of the call, in the case of one-on-one call each other.


  • Two-way talks.
  • Broadcasting groups.
  • LOBATT Tips.
  • Vibrating alert to called receiver.
  • Charging Indicator.
  • Queue with host (for user of called receiver).


  • School teaching system.
  • Construction sites staff communication.
  • Hotel staff to convey instructions and communication.
  • Passenger safety management.
  • Car team member dialogue.
  • Wireless walkie-talkie.


Normal Boot

One second after the lights turned on, motors will be shocked for one second and the indicator light blinks every five seconds (about 300ms).


  • Please hold down the button and turn it on after matching is finished matching. The lights turned on, around 3 seconds after, the machine began to vibration.
  • At this time, please immediately release button and Dialogue Machines will start to do search action. No other equipment besides Dialogue Machines during 5 seconds, Dialogue Machines began to find an empty channel and start action.
  • When second Dialogue Machines will start to works, please repaid above actions and do not shut down power to facilitate the Dialogue Machines.


  • Press the button and the light will turn on.
  • Others paired matches will be vibration, flashing lights will be continuous.
  • When other whole users press the response button, two sides move to stop at the same time.
  • During call process, if there is no response and the time is over 10 seconds, machines will automatic cancellation.
Dialogue Device

Talkback use

  • Plug in your headphones and press the button, you can start broadcasting then. (As long as the pair completed, all will be able to hear.)
  • As long as the other side presses the button-speaking, this person can start to talk.
  • Not press button, then will be the audience then.
  • If another one is without plug in headphones, it will not do any action.

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