GPS High Accuracy Reference Source Generators


WS-GPS is a type of 10MHz high performance synchronization signal reference source. High accuracy GPS receiver is adopted. By the use of navigation system with timing and ranging GPS, we can amend the error of frequency in ±0.1ppm. It is therefore suitable for every type of precision instruments with 10MHz reference source, e.g. Spectrum analyzer?Signal generator, etc. By using the built-in 320mAh Li-ion Lithium-ion battery, you can calibrate directly to the outdoor without external power supply when amending under poor indoor reception. It is convenient and easy to use.

Technical specifications

  • Output signal: 10MHz
  • Output power: -6dBm
  • Drift free run: Frequency tolerance: within ±0.1ppm
  • Output connector: BNC
  • Supply voltage: 5V
  • GPS Antenna connector: MCX
  • Li-battery capacity: 300mA

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