902~928MHz 5dbi RFID antenna


This antenna is available in a wide array of types including high sensitivity, alterability, mobility...etc. The antenna has been good at designed, superior performance, and better than cord antenna. The signal and coverage are also broader.

902~928MHz 5dbi RFID antenna

Main Technical Specifications
Frequency 902~928MHz
Gain 5dBi
Beam Width Hor:72 Ver:60
VSWR ≤1.5
Than before(dB) ≥20
Impedance 50
Polarization linear polarized
MAX.Power 50
Connector SMA-Female
Size 460*90*20mm
Weight 0.3kg


  • Library management
  • Access control
  • Access control security management
  • Supermarket counter
  • Warehouse entry and exit management
  • Animal husbandry health monitoring
  • Logistics management

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902~928MHz 5dbi RFID antenna