902~928MHZ 12dbi RFID Athletic track antenna


This antenna is designed for underground end, the use of RFID technology to carry out carpet scanning processing, on the starting point of the runway to participate in the running of the personnel to carry out accurate count of the circle management, the results of each test personnel can be accurate to 0 seconds, to ensure that the results of fair and accurate.

902~928MHZ 12dbi RFID Athletic track antenna

Main Technical Specifications
Frequency 902~928MHz
The input impedance 50Ω
Polarization Type Circular polarization
Falf-power angle Hor:603 Ver:303
Gain 12dBi
VSWR ≤1.5
Max Input Power(W) 50
Than before(dB) ≥22
Lightning mode DC Ground
Interface mode N-Female
Size 1220*185*27mm
Weight 3.0kg


  • High Gain, Low VSWR, Long distance
  • Better Tightness, can be used when buried under the ground or outdoor works for a long time
  • Circular design, strong reading ability
  • Internal solid structure, resistant to trampling, bears 200kg
  • Protective sleeve can be designed according to customer requirements


  • Runway time management
  • Staff attendance management
  • Roadside parking fee
  • Supermarket counter
  • Warehouse entry and exit management
  • Animal husbandry health monitoring
  • Logistics management
  • Access control security management

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902~928MHZ 12dbi RFID Athletic track antenna