GPS Antenna (Partially Prepared Products)


This is a highly sensitive, highly efficient antenna for receiving GPS, satellite radio, for use in car navigation or harmful to the receiving environment.

OVERALL PERFORMANCE (Antenna Element ` LNA ` Cable)

Characteristics Specification Note
Center frequency 1575.42±1.023MHz  
Bandwidth 15MHz  
Voltage 2.8V 〜 5.5V Voltage
Power consumption 6mA 〜 18mA  
Characteristic impedance 50 Ohm  
Noise figure < 1.5dB +25 ℃
VSWR < 2.0  
LNA gain 25dB typ at 3.3V
Polarization RHCP Right hand circularly polarized
Axial ratio 3dB max Mounted on the 70mm*70mm ground plane
RF cable RG174  
Cable length 300mm ±30mm
Cable attenuation < 0.6dB/m at 1.5GHz
Jacket color Black  
RF connector SMA Male 180 Degree  
Outline dimension 25mm x 25mm x 7.1mm L x W x H

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